New Zealand dotterel chick (1182/2582)

Charadrius-obscurus_10596.jpg New Zealand dotterel chickThumbnailsNew Zealand dotterel

When a dog appeared on the beach nearly 100 m away, this tiny but alert chick darted to the cover of the rough grass at the base of small dunes behind the beach. Camouflage, and instinctively remaining motionless kept it safe from the dog, but these sorts of disturbances test the ability of vulnerable shorebirds to find sufficient food. Here the threat has passed and the chick has emerged from cover.

Scientific name
Charadrius obscurus aquilonius
Common names
northern New Zealand dotterel, New Zealand dotterel, red-breasted dotterel, tuturiwhatu, tuturiwhatu pukunui, rako, red-breasted plover, New Zealand plover
Front Beach, Whitianga, Waikato, New Zealand
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