Nature photography resources on the web

Nature photography

The Luminous Landscape

The Luminous Landscape: News and no nonsense reviews.


Naturescapes: Articles and discussion and image critique forums–Quite possibly one of the best nature photography resources on the web. The ability to interact with some of the very best nature photographers on the planet is invaluable. There is even an Australasia chapter, which I help moderate. See you there!

Photography equipment

Photo and Video International

Photo and Video International: Great service and competitive prices. I prefer to shop with these guys.

Shop for nature photography gear at

Naturescapes online store: If I can't buy local the Naturescapes online store is where I go. A great range of quality gear, tested and approved by seasoned pro nature photographers, all wrapped up with first class service and support.

Nature photographers

Andris Apse: In my opinion, New Zealand's finest Landscape photographer.

Andy Biggs: African photographic safaris and photography workshops.

Nicole Brooker: Australian Nature Photographer.

Charles Glatzer: Wildlife photographer and workshops.

Lesley van Loo: European wildlife photographs.

Chris Ross: Australian Nature photographer.

John Shaw: A great nature photographer and writer. I highly recomend John's books.

Peregrine's Bird Photography Links: A huge list of bird photographers from around the world.

Other sites of interest Discussion forum for sharing information about birding and birds in New Zealand.

Fatbirder: Lots of information on birds, birding & birdwatching around the world.

BirdsNZ (The Ornithological Society of New Zealand): New Zealand's national bird study organisation.