More North Cape green geckos

Green gecko

While in Northland last week to complete an assignment I found some North Cape green geckos, or yellow-lipped geckos as they are sometimes called (Naultinus sp. ‘North Cape green gecko’). Late last year I uploaded some photos of a single animal I found then, but I can’t get enough of these extremely photogenic little gems, so forgive me for adding some of these more recent discoveries as well. Seeing these beautiful little lizards in the wild is seldom easy, but is always a huge pleasure. As you can see from the photos in my web gallery, the patterns of golden flecks and stripes on these vivid green geckos varies from one individual to the next. One large female I photographed has a very thin line of yellow down each side, while a small juvenile found nearby (and here on the left), which may well be one of her offspring of the year, is much more boldly marked.