Robust and Hauraki skink photos

Robust skink
A robust skink (Oligosoma alani) hunting through the forest leaf litter of a predator-free island.
Hauraki skink
Hauraki skinks (Oligosoma townsi) are a nocturnal skink found only on predator-free offshore islands.

I’ve just added a couple of new species to the lizards gallery; robust skinks and Hauraki skinks. Robust skinks are big, solidly built lizards (by New Zealands standards, at least). Hauraki skinks have been known by several other names in the past (including Town’s skink, and Mokohinau skink) while the scientific naming and classification was being established. Both species are now restricted to offshore islands free of introduced mammalian predators which have decimated reptile populations on the mainland.